Hand Made Furniture

I love to make things, one of the benefits of living out in the country is the availability of wood. In my part of the world we have an ample supply of eastern red cedar, this is a beautiful wood and prized for its color and anti rotting qualities. It’s a primary wood for me to build furniture and furnishing. Most of my pieces could be considered in the artsier realm. I love live edge and free form and try to keep as much of the natural look in my pieces as form and function dictates.

Enjoy a look around at some of my work, if your interested I can create something unique for your home, a conversation piece for your living space or maybe a bed for your private space. You can click on any image for a closer look.

My 3 most recent pieces I made for a show, these are still available for purchase. The table is 12ft x 42in x 30in, it has live edges on each side. The bed is a king size bed with a massive head board and foot board. the piece in the back ground is something for a great room, it has a central pillar (8ft+ tree) and two tables, one 8ft bar and one sit down 6ft table.

Oct 2013 Fair

This a free form piece, I find a few full root systems each year and create these table center pieces, they can be used as jewelery stands or as conversation center pieces, each totally unique.

root sculpture