King Stropharia

King Stropharia mushroom

King StrophariaI purchased my spawn from Mushroom Mountain, the info below was written by them, if your looking to purchase spawn, use these guys, they have been great on the customer service end as well as providing viably spawn.

If you have a garden, a wooded lot, a compost pile, or a shaded area where you can’t plant vegetables, you can grow King Stropharia. This mushroom can perennialize and take resident in your garden soil, coming back year after year if it can find a source of hardwood chips to feed on. King Stropharia tastes earthy, like asparagus cooked in a splash of wine, meaty and delicious. Both the cap and the stem are edible, so don’t trim and toss the stem like other mushrooms! It is called King Stropharia because the mushrooms can get very large, but they are best to eat when young and firm, when the caps are tight to prevent bug infestation.


King Stropharia (Stropharia rugoso-annulata), also called the “Garden Giant” or “Wine Cap” mushroom, is very good at cleaning soil and water as well. Our chicken house has King Stropharia mycelium threaded through the soil all around it, eating woodchips and straw bedding, forming a mycoremediation barrier for reducing and eliminating coliform bacteria.
Our gardens also have King Stropharia colonizing and enhancing the soil, building and binding the soil together for the plants, unlocking minerals for them, and attracting earthworms that will also contribute their valuable castings to the area.

For directions on how to grow King Stropharia, please click here. (PDF)