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The Great Outdoors

Robert Patrick

Lakeside RV Retreat @ Indian Creek Farm


I seem to be reflecting on the goings on here at the farm, work and in life in general. I guess with the winter weather having set in, hard freezes with stunted plant growth in the row gardens, the wildcrafted mushrooms coming to a halt due to cold, I began considering the directions my life has taken these past few years and the totality of it all looking back across time.

Reflection is a good thing; it brings focus and clarity if you will let it. At times my life is a jumbled mess, I wonder what the heck am I doing and how did I get here. What has lead me to this place and have my actions been the sole arbiter of the outcome. I do believe some of us are lead by unseen forces and that each of us has a destiny. How this plays out in our lives is another matter entirely. I totally believe in free will, yet I also believe there is something in this world each of us is here to accomplish.

We are thrown into this world as children, totally dependent on our parents, yet we are separate human beings, with unique thoughts and needs, some of us are so unique as to be given labels, smart, dumb, good looking, ugly, fat, skinny, dyslexic. ADHD, autistic, aspergers, retarded and I think some labels are not good when dealing with human beings. Many of us once labeled will carry around the internal reflection and sometimes the external manifestation of the label placed upon us by others. I think we should strive to do better and find a new way. Having said I do not like certain labels, I’ll have to confess there are those that I feel are of benefit and can raise a being to greater heights.

We are capable of self reflection and as a result, self judgment. When we decide to use this wonderful capacity of our mind for self improvement and not self dis-empowerment, we have the capacity to become that which we were destined to be. When we realize that our thoughts control our lives and that we have the capacity to not only change our thoughts, but to change the meaning of that thought, we are just on the edge of cracking a code many never figure out. Depression, feelings of inadequacy, being misunderstood, these are all creations of our own minds, be they mental or physical. As conscious humans we have the ability to change the outcome, but not necessarily the events in our lives. What we do and how we act or react is totally up to each of us.

The choices each of us make, to love to hate, to care, to lash out at, to forgive or hold a grudge, these will impact our lives in ways most fail to contemplate. We are totally capably of being something so much more, of seeing the world in a totally different light; all we need to do is choose.

Many years ago I figured it out, walla, an epiphany, not a slap you up side the head kind, but the slow, seep into your bones kind. Having had this knowledge bestowed upon me by the universe and seeing that my actions had a direct reflection of the outcomes I was experiencing was a watershed moment. You would think that from that time forward I would have been a freaking genius. Action equals reaction, who would have thought it and who could not deny it, its right there, staring you in the face.

Well, as most of you have come to experience, it does not work like that for many of us, the epiphany of knowledge needs to work its way into the core of our being, we have to relearn the art of knowing, and we have to rewire 10’s of years of hard coding into our systems/brains. If we could have only been shown or taught the how to be and perceive, to see things as they are and not how others perceive them to be.

We humans are a strange breed; some of us have the strangest thoughts about things, some life affirming, and some life deterring. It took me many a year to listen to my own inner knowingness, up the mountain I would climb, the vistas could be aw inspiring, life grander than I could image, then the inevitable avalanche and the rocky slide back down into the world of doubt and uncertainty.

I am so happy to say that for the last 10 years or so the vistas of life have stayed in the grander than I could have imagined just a few short years back. I found my place, I found solitude and grace, I found gratitude and an ease of life that I had lacked before and I found it all when I started listening to that little voice within, the one that says, this is what I love, this brings joy into my life, this does not hurt.

As I reflect back on the years, I see and feel the outdoor experience had been calling me home, each time I had gone back to the soil, each year when I had planted the spring gardens I would feel the blessing of contentment and love, it was if the sun was caressing me, being outside in nature, working with my hands, watching life happen all around me and knowing that my actions were creating the results I was seeing and feeling, how had I missed it all those years, why did I not listen to that small voice within all those years ago.

It’s the middle of January 2014 and it’s going to be a heck of a year, things on the farm are continuing to progress, the green house is in process, greens galore are growing, even those hard freezes did not get them. Jan, 2014 brought 18 new fruit trees, 20 Kiowa blackberries and a massive load of composting material is being delivered this week. I have connected to a new group of people in the permaculture world and I am thinking of changing the focus of the farm a bit, new website, and new name. I’ll be adding new features, bath house, smoke house, solar kiln, saw mill and some new chickens this spring.

If you made it this far into this ramble on consciousness, rather than farming or outdoors, I thank you. The idea of knowing that we each have the capacity to do what ever it is that floats our boats and never giving up our dreams is something I want everyone to take to heart. If you have a dream, go get it, stop all the negatives and recognize the positives in your lives, be mindful, listen to your hearts.

As always get outside and enjoy The Great Outdoors.

Robert Patrick

Master Gardener – Master Naturalist – Wild crafter (Medicinals & Edibles)

Amateur Mycologist – Custom Furnishings