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This is not your average farm. It is my hope to create a special place, one that has synergy, a place of many disciplines and ideas. I hope to bring in as many ideas in the area of permaculture as I can as well as make the farm a place of healing and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

Indian Creek Farm will be a place of learning and procurement, of ideas, plants and produce. Indian Creek Farm is a working/producing farm that sells its produce in different markets at different times of the year. We hope to open to the public for plant sales once we have the infrastructure in place to handle them. This is a work in progress and a labor of love, no rush and no stress are part and partial of the life here on the farm.

My hobbies are my life and my living, each plays a part and I take them all seriously, this is some serious fun, when it’s not fun, it no longer serves. I rent a few RV spaces from time to time, build a table or bed, grow my own veggies and forage for food in the local wood and fields.

I do a bit of writing and you can find my articles in a local magazine called the Dockline under the banner “The Great Outdoors” and here on the website.

It is the hope that here at Indian Creek farm and Lakeside RV Retreat that we would provide an outdoor experience, one that allows you to view the night sky, hear the sound of nature around you and provide a tranquil stress free environment. Our shore line is a shallow water area, no boat docks, no bulkheads; we promote nature as much as possible and allow our banks to support native growth. Your stay here should allow you to view a wide variety of shore birds, egrets, cranes, herons, as well as Bald Eagles, kingfishers, red shouldered hawks and many different types of song birds. You’ll have close up views of pileated woodpeckers, crows, kingbirds, ducks and a crew of hungry squirrels. We are located in a cove several hundred yards from the main lake on Indian Creek. Indian Creek Farm is my home and I will expect my guests to treat my home as they would treat their own. You’ll share an acre or so with 2 other guests, I only have 3 RV spots, so your stay should be a nice and quite one.

If you’re looking for a rowdy weekend on the lake, you’re not looking for a stay here at the Farm. I’m looking for bird watchers, master gardeners, master naturalists, mountain bikers, forest foragers, butterfly watchers, mushroom hunters and the like. The farm’s a stop and smell the flowers type destination.

Access to Sam Houston National Forest is only a few miles away, the Lone Star Hiking trail is nearby and a 20 mile single track mountain bike trail is at Double Lake recreation area, all this only 5 miles from the Farm.

I do hope to allow our long term guests access to the gardens, this will be on a case by case bases as our relationship develops over time. The property is divided into two parcels by a field fence, RV persons are asked to stay out of the garden side of the property unless permission is granted. We raise chickens and rabbits; therefore you must not allow your pet to run free, if you cannot abide by this rule, please leave your pet at home.

I hope that you will come out to see the property prior to making a reservation, I’ll have some pictures of the property online soon, but a picture cannot do justice, only the eyes and ears can get the full beauty and tranquility of the Farm.

All long term (monthly+) RV’ers will need to interview prior to making a reservation or moving into an RV spot. We should understand each other before committing to a long term relationship!

Call for Reservations – 936-653-8985 or send me an email using the contact form.

Robert B. Patrick

Master Gardener



330 Indian Creek Drive, Coldspring, TX 77331

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