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CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

It’s spring 2014 and time to get the summer crops planted. With so many greens growing in the gardens and the soils in prime condition I have made the decision to open as a CSA again this year. What is a CSA your asking? Really it’s a membership to a farm, where a farmer/gardener grows for you and other members and the members help support the farmer by paying the farmer/gardener in advance. This helps the farmer buy supplies and pays the farmer a salary so to speak and allows them the benefit of less stress while they are planting, knowing they have been paid for part of their efforts.

It’s a way for members to get to know the farmer and see where their food is being grown. The members are invited out to take a tour of the farm, see some of the growing practices and feel good about the food they are feeding their families. Indian Creek Farm is not a big farm, but I can supply about 40 families (4 people each) almost all of the veggie needs each week. This year I am only taking 25 memberships.

The member shares are picked up at the farm, maybe at the farmers market in Coldspring if it kicks off.  This year it will be on Fridays, from 2pm to 6pm at the farm. Directions are on the about page, or send me an email using the contact form and I’ll send ya a map.

We have spring shares, 8 weeks at $200.00, summer and fall shares at $360.00 for a full share and $200.00 for a 1/2 share, they are both 12 weeks in length. Mind you mother nature is in change and things happen, but we have done this successfully in prior years and do not expect it to be much different than other years, except our gardens are in better shape than ever and we are now producing a summer Mushroom crop.

The member form is located in the CSA page